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Our gopher removal services saves your property from major damage from a gopher infestation. Our services are all based on using IPM principals (Integrated Pest Management) promoted by The California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Depending on the level of the gopher infestation, lot size, soil conditions and your input, a plan will be made to quickly and safely solve your gopher problems.

Our gopher control plans may include baiting, trapping, fumigation or some combination of those three depending on the extent of your gopher problem and your preferences.


Safe and effective method for gopher control. The gopher trapping is notoxic and pet friendly way to rid gophers


Baiting for gophers is less time comsuming and less costly choice to rid your gophers by injecteding bait to main runways tunnels


Gopher Fumigation is use on properties with no stuctures closer then 100 feet to treated area. Fumigation for gopher is mainly done on commercial properties and parks.

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