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Gopher Baiting Service 

Gopher baiting service

  Baiting for Gopher control

The most important key to an effective baiting program is bait placement. Locating the main tunnel and placing bait in 3 to 5 spots in that tunnel will get the results we want. Locating the main gopher tunnel is not as easy as it sounds but is the key to success in gopher control. Often, a back-filled (plugged) gopher tunnel—one a gopher has filled with loose dirt—will feel similar to an active tunnel. Experience is required to tell the difference. Strychnine-treated grain is the most common and effective type of bait used for gopher control. This bait generally contains 0.5% strychnine and is a single feeding. If new mounds appear more than 2 days you’ll need to rebait or try trapping.

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