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technicians have a minimum of 8 years solving gopher issues in Southern California. Solving rodent issue is never a easy task, but rest assure will do the job right.  Guaranteed!  

Gopher Trapping Service

Gopher trapping service is a eco-friendly way to rid your yard of gophers.

Gopher trapping takes return visits to check the traps and reset the traps until gophers are gone. This is a good option for protecting pets that try to dig up gopher holes.

Smoke - Carbondeoxid Gophers

Gopher Treatment with carbondeoxid is more of a repellent when used on gophers, voles, and moles due to the fact they with can dig fast the the smoke can get to them causing them to just vacate the area. But when used on ground squirrels it is a very effective method. Fumitoxin is diffrent the carbonddeoxid and cant be using with in 100 feet os a structure of any kind.

Gopher Baiting Service

Gopher baiting is the most cost effective way to rid your yard of gophers. Gopher baiting takes less visits then trapping.  The population of gophers will determine the cost and amount of time to rid the gophers . Baiting is a less visible treatment only making a small injection hole in to main runways tunnels.

Baiting is most common mdue to pricing and damage to yard by digging hole to set the traps.


Gopher Population Control

Population Control is important in areas where you have a hillside, park, field, ect. next to your property. In some cases a regular monthly service is need to stop the gophers on the outskirts of the propety before the get to the middle of the yard. Gophers cause so lots damage to lanscaping that regular visits are needed.

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